We offer stainless steel washing machine for Fruits & Vegetables also. Jeya Engineering provides innovative washing solutions for thawing of a wide variety of food products including Vegetables, Fruits and Greenly leaves. Jeya offers a full range of washing systems to meet different application needs.

This equipment is used to wash the Raw material received. This system consists of a tank in which raw materials are fed. This tank consists of pure water. Bubbling action of the water enhances the tumbling effect of the raw materials. This washing process helps to remove Sludge, dirt and mud particles. Then a conveyor collects the washed materials. While travelling in this conveyor a Fresh water spray line cleans excess dirt. The water for this spray line is collected form separate tank. Then it is delivered at the other end through delivery tray.

According to Customer’s requirement we manufacture washing machine in following capacities.

1) 1Ton/hr
2) 2Ton/hr
3) 3Ton/hr

After every 6Ton material is washed, the water in feeding tank is to be changed to avoid dirt free operation

We have also integrated automatic weighment system as optional with this machine which helps in separating and conveying desired weight of washed raw material for further process.


Eliminates manual cleaning and reduces washing time.
Reduces involvement of manpower.
The non-mechanical designs treat your products gently while removing sand, stone, floating wastes, and bacteria.
Highly aggressive action on some models produce superior results unmatched by other systems.
Designed for low maintenance and increased reliability.
Total adjustment of water and air flow enables optimization for each type of product washed.
Handles lightweight floating products as well as heavy, sinking products.
This is the most effective washing system on the market today for a wide variety of products.